Good Friday, 2015: Still Clueless

I’ve decided that the best way to communicate my experience is to meld the present with the past.

Today I have direction with this blog thing. I had intended to piece together my previous notes and journal entries into one cohesive flow of story, but when I got sabotaged by technology a couple of days ago (note to self: SAVE DRAFT!) I had to take a breather and compose myself enough to restart. Well, that’s how creative writing goes – you don’t have perfection in one sitting.

So I’ll approach this as a look back in the not too distant past along with a brief glimpse at my present state.

Good Friday, April 3, 2015

So after a profoundly long rehearsal Thursday evening, I got through the two services tonight. One incident stands out – I was coming down the stairs on stage right, a little too carefully as my band mate looked up in shock at how slowly I was moving and noting how heavily I leaned on the hand rail. He asked if everything was ok, and I said it’s probably because I had just reached 5 miles the day before (I was training for my first half marathon) and was a little sore, though I really wasn’t for some reason.

 And then there were the headaches.

 Excruciating is the only word to adequately describe the hot lava agony that has woken me from sleep for the last three days. It erupts from the top of my head and cascades down the sides of my skull in pulsating rivulets of pain. This could be a side effect from the antibiotics I’m on so guess I must put up with it for another week. Too bad – I’m almost afraid to fall asleep, it’s so awful.



3 thoughts on “Good Friday, 2015: Still Clueless

  1. I like the way you write. Your descriptions really help me to construct the scene in my head. Looking for ward to more.


  2. Thanks for the support and the positive comments. That’s why I labor so with the details – to make sure things come across just as I experienced them, or close enough.

    Ask and ye shall receive. More to come!


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